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Can We Help?

We supply and install CCTV, Alarms, access management, lighting controls and other systems but really we are working with our customers to help solve their problems.

Traditional security is the obvious use for most of the equipment we supply but for a number of our customers this is the least of their concerns. Our systems are used to monitor and record the operation of production lines to enable the producer to demonstrate the efficacy of their system or help them understand what happened when the system failed. An essential protection for the food industry.

Another system monitors incubators to ensure the safety of young chicks while others show what is going on in areas that would otherwise not be accessible.

In all our solutions we look to meet your needs using off the shelf, readily available equipment from suppliers we trust. After all its no good having a bespoke system that costs a fortune but cannot be sensibly maintained or repaired.

To make life easier we will package our simpler solutions into kit form for DIY or your electrician to install.

Solutions we supply:

  • Security
  • Watching/Checking difficult to access areas
  • Monitoring production lines
  • Custom Access Control Systems
  • Custom Alarm Systems