Broadband Control Limited
Telephone: 01449 678639
Fax: 01449 770290


We will can propose solutions to your problems, source the materials, install and maintain CCTV, access systems, controls and related networking systems.

Should circumstances require we can provide covert and rental equipment.

We operate mainly in Suffolk and adjacent counties but will consider most other locations. However with a set of plans, some digital pictures and the careful use of Google Maps we can make a good start towards meeting your needs.

If you have an enquiry please contact us. If we feel we need to charge for our time or there are any expenses we will tell you before you incur any costs.


What we offer

Broadband Control Limited offers its clients a wealth of experience from the electrical, electronics and communications industries.

We have a wide knowledge of the equipment we sell and have specifically targeted suppliers who provide comprehensive Technical Support.

Using our knowledge and skills we are able to provide innovative solutions to what may, in the first instance, seem an impossible problem.